Friday, May 4, 2012

13 Days Until Gateway Grizzlies 2012 Season Opener

The time has finally come..players reported to GCS Ballpark this week for spring training, which means we are officially underway in 2012!

Two preseason practices are in the books and the team will continue to prepare for the exhibition opener next Wednesday @ GCS Ballpark against the Southern Illinois Miners at 11:35 AM.

I've mentioned in past posts that Grizzlies manager Phil Warren has said this is the most competitive spring training he's ever been a part of with the Grizzlies.  There is competition at nearly every position and numerous players are battling for roster spots.  The roster currently has 35 needs to be within the 22-24 range by the end of spring training.  Therefore, some very good players are going to be let go in the next few weeks because of the #'s game.

The question everyone is asking..who looks good so far in spring training?  Well, from what I've seen and gathered, a couple of guys really stand out.  Keep in mind, nothing matters until we start playing games and I haven't been able to watch spring training very close yet (I will have better insight when the EXH games begin).

With that said, former Triad HS and Missouri State star Aaron Conway looked very good during BP on Thursday.  He was a guy the coaching staff was high on entering camp, but I think he has really turned some heads in the first couple of days.  Expect Conway to be an outfield starter and a top of the order guy.

I had a chance to catch up with returning pitchers Ryan Juarez, Paul Tremlin and Richard Barrett the other day..all three are geared up and ready to go.  I expect those guys to be key contributors..don't be surprised if Barrett is one of the top relievers in the league this year.  He's an outstanding talent.

I had a chance to chat with Chris Enourato today..Chris was the Grizzlies Pitcher of the Year in 2011 and is one of the hardest workers in the league.  He has himself prepared every time he pitches..tireless worker and a great guy off the field as well.  It was nice to see Chris again.

Finally, Landon Hernandez is fresh off a strong 2011 season and a winter full of baseball in Australia.  It will be hard for Landon to match what he did last season, but he just might do that with another strong start.  This is Lando's third year with Gateway and he could be one of the veteran leaders on and off the field.

Opening night is Friday, May 18th against the Joliet Slammers.  Plenty more to come early next week with exhibition games beginning.  Below is the exhibition schedule for the upcoming week.  Go Grizzlies!

  • May 9th vs. Southern Illinois (11:35)
  • May 10th @ Southern Illinois (10:05)
  • May 11th @ River City (4:05)
  • May 12th vs. River City (7:05)
  • May 13th vs. River City (6:05) *We will broadcast this Exhibition game on the Grizzlies Radio will be a 5:50 air time*

    -Voice of the Gateway Grizzlies, Adam Young

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