Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Aaron Conway Highlights Grizzlies Exhibition Opener

Hello all!  Exhibition game #1 is in the books with the Grizzlies falling to the Southern Illinois Miners in front of 2,300 plus fans earlier today @ GCS Ballpark.  It was game one of five straight days with an exhibition game.  Here's what I saw from today:

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Aaron Conway stood out.  If you came to the game as a casual fan, you came away impressed by #2 in the Grizzlies white uniform, whether you knew him or not.  He had the lone home run of the day, for either side, and made a spectacular diving catch in center that brought fans to their feet.  I said to someone the other day.."Aaron Conway will hit .320 + this season"..that seems like a big number, but boy can Aaron hit.  Be on the lookout tomorrow at for an outstanding feature my broadcast partner Alex Wilson did on Aaron.  It's the first story in his 'Grizzlies Spotlight' series..Alex put together a great piece.  A local product (Triad HS) shining for the Grizzlies..great story.

Photo courtesy of Paul Baillargeon/
Pitching was pretty good.  Erik Carillo and Ryan Juarez combined to throw four scoreless relief innings.  I came away impressed with both.  Carillo was in command and Juarez had a great feel for his breaking ball, which is rare for your first appearance of the season, but then again Ryan is a hard worker and has prepared hard for this moment.

More to come tomorrow as the Grizzlies take on the Miners for the second day in a row.  We are on the road for the next two days..@ Southern Illinois tomorrow and @ River City Friday.  It's an early bus trip in the morning with the 10:05 start time.  I will be posting bright and early.

My plan is to catch up with Grizzlies manager Phil Warren during batting practice and post my audio interview with him along with the Grizzlies lineup for the day.  I should have that posted by 9:45, which is 15 minutes before first pitch...and then if fans are interested in getting updates during the game, I will be updating the Grizzlies twitter page (@gatewaygrizzlie).

Grizzlies Radio Broadcast note:  We had fans contacting me today about the Grizzlies exhibition broadcast schedule..we will be broadcasting the EXH game on Saturday night.  That's a 7:05 first pitch and I'll come on the air at 6:50 with the Budweiser Pregame Show.  That's the only EXH we will broadcast, but of course we will have all 96 regular season games.  Listen to the call all season long on the Grizzlies radio network:  590 AM KFNS, 1400 AM KJFF,, and the KFNS FREE App on your cell phone.

Talk to you bright and early from Rent One Park on Thursday.  Go Grizzlies!

      -Voice of the Gateway Grizzlies, Adam Young

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