Friday, March 25, 2011

Getting things started...

Hey folks-  Once again, thanks for visiting my blog.  If you plan on being a frequent visitor, I hope I don't disappoint.  Most of what I blog on will be regarding the Gateway Grizzlies, BUT I will also explore some other topics in the wide world of sports.. I'm a sports fanatic and that's what I love to talk and write about, so I will try to stick to sports.

I vow to update the blog as much as possible.  I doubt I will update every day, but I hope to as much as possible.  I know how these things can get (Joe Pott warned me!)-you start it up and post a lot early and then abandon it-that's not my plan here.  I've created this blog with the plan to update as often as possible and most of all keep the loyal Gateway fans up to date on their beloved Grizzlies.  Here's my plan early on-tonight I'm giving everyone a simple introduction as I try to learn the ins and outs of the blogger.  Tomorrow I will write up my thoughts on how the offseason has been going.  Since I'm full-time in the Grizz office, I get to see everything going on first hand, and I also get to see manager Phil Warren often.  The Grizzlies have signed some guys already, and there is a nice batch of returnees as well for 2011.  You will get some of my thoughts on those guys tomorrow.  There should be a lot to talk about leading up to opening day, so I will update often.

I can't even begin to express how excited I am to be the Radio Broadcaster for the Gateway Grizzlies.  When I was hired back in October to replace the longtime Voice of the Grizzlies, Joe Pott (my mentor and one of the finest play-by-play guys I've had the pleasure of listening to), I was ready for May 20, 2011 to get here ASAP.  October 15, 2010 was the best day of my life as I was hired to be the lead broadcaster for the team I grew up watching.  I was also getting the chance to succeed the guy that taught me just about everything I know about baseball play-by-play.  I have a good feeling that May 20th is going to be pretty special as well.  Only 55 days until I get to say "Grizzlies baseball is back on the air" and introduce myself as the new "Voice of the Grizzlies."  Stay patient Grizzlies fans, opening night is quickly approaching.

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