Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Grizzlies Juggle Coaching Staff: Breyman Back On The Staff

Hello all!  Opening day is only two months away for the Gateway Grizzlies and Manager Phil Warren (All photos courtesy of Paul Baillargeon/ has juggled his coaching staff.  Former Grizzlies bench coach Mike Breyman, who enjoyed a stellar playing career from 2004-2008 in a Gateway uniform, will be returning to serve as the team's hitting coach.  Meanwhile, Darin Kinsolving and Zach Borowiak will no longer be with the team on a full-time basis.  The two will help out when they can, but won't be with the team in a consistent capacity. 

First off, the hiring of Breyman is an outstanding move.  Breyman finished his playing career in 2008 and will forever be regarded as one the team's greatest hitters.  He was a fan favorite and big #33 sure could produce.  When his playing career was done, Breyman joined the Grizzlies coaching staff in 2009 as the bench coach.  After his one year stint as bench coach, he moved on to River City where he was the hitting coach in 2010 and 2011.  Now, Breyman returns to his roots. 

"I always knew that one day I'd be back in a Grizzlies uniform," Breyman told me earlier today. 

Simply put:  the players like Breyman.  He gets the most out of his hitters.  His philosophy is simple..

"I'm a comfort believer," Breyman said.  "I'm not mechanics only - I feel if you are comfortable mentally and physically and believe in what you are doing, then you can have success."

Welcome back, Mike Breyman.  The Grizzlies are happy to have him returning.

While the Grizzlies announced the return of Breyman, they have also announced the departure of both Kinsolving and Borowiak.  DK, as Kinsolving was often referred to, spent five seasons on Phil Warren's staff.  He has been the hitting coach since Phil started managing the team in '07.  They are very close.  Phil told me that DK is like a brother to him.  DK is leaving on his own terms.  He has another business adventure he is going into and can't devote the time he would like to the team.  He will be missed.

Borowiak spent just one year with Gateway as the team's bench and defense coach, but boy did he leave an impression.  Everyone raved about 'Bro's' work ethic and ability to teach young players.  Borowiak brought a great knowledge of the game and a positive attitude.  The player's loved working with him.  He will be missed as well.

Like I said, both Kinsolving and Borowiak will be around a little during spring training and the season.  They are still a part of the Grizzlies organization and I know are always welcome.

On a side note, I had the chance to sit down with Grizzlies sixth-year Manager Phil Warren yesterday and talk about the team.  My full audio interview with him can be accessed by clicking the link.  Enjoy!

         Adam Young Interview with Grizzlies Manager Phil Warren

Opening day is approaching.  I'll post some more player signings and have some more audio interviews for you to listen to in the coming weeks, including an interview that I'll be recording tomorrow with Breyman!  Go Grizzlies!

       -Voice of the Grizzlies, Adam Young

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